Rosso Magia

Rosso Magia is a professional production company specializing in filming events, products, commercials and music videos, underwater photography and cinematography. The company’s achievements in the industry have made it a pacesetter with amazing contributions. As an award-winning creative producer Rosso Magia drives content from conception through completion, developing projects, creating strategies, running cost-effective productions, and delivering products that achieve and surpass set objectives.

Leveraging the skills and expertise of a professional production crew, Rosso Magia sets the stage with state of the art filming and photography services. The hallmark of the company is film event coordinating, which means that they will film the event, conduct interviews, capture behind-the-scene footage, photograph, and edit a professional video of the event. The crew is well accessorized with professional equipment in lights, cameras, drones, and editing software among other tools requisite for exceptional service. Passionate about what they do, they always bring their best selves to the task with a positive attitude and a smile in order to get things done. 

Today, the demand for flawless production is a growing phenomenon. Scripted stories, reality television and other non-fiction entertainment attract viewers and strengthen network brand identities. Rosso Magia is positioned to take advantage of this market by applying its extensive experience to the evolving spectrum of clients, broadcasters, technologies and producing partners. With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical and detail-oriented approach, the crew is equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning clients, delivering an experience rooted in customer service, integrity, and expertise. Their strong creative and production skills make them a keen advocate for their clients and audiences, proactively seeking out new ways to enhance their services and continually attain excellence, with client satisfaction the ultimate objective. 

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Mary's photo

Mary Kay

Visual Storyteller | Photographer | Filmmaker

MARY KAY has carved out an identity for herself as a highly-skilled “visual auteur”.

 She shoots aesthetically stunning aquatic images combining subject and form in shots that are equal parts narrative, tactile and cinematic.   Her reputation as a go-to headshot, high fashion, underwater, film and photography influencer grows stronger with each subsequent click of her camera.

Mary Kay’s photos transcend typical photography work: Her celestial and mesmerizing pictures achieve a puzzle-like, sculptural effect challenging the viewer, providing the eye an amazing and delightful experience to view and deconstruct in their mind. Visual works like this can only be achieved by a true artisan and master of the lens and the camera; and that’s exactly how she is seen by her industry peers.   

Mary Kay’s journey on the road to being a successful film producer and director has taken her from the Mountain West (Denver) to the Midwest (Chicago) to the West Coast(Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and ultimately Hollywood).   

She started out as a makeup artist then entered the world of modeling during her formative years spent in Denver and Chicago. She ventured further West, to Las Vegas, where she worked as a noted promotions director and eventually made her way to California – working in Los Angeles and Hollywood as a private event coordinator, while pursuing her craft and developing and refining her technical skills at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, and the Art Institute of California where she studied with world-class educators and accomplished creatives.  

Each destination, every step of her career trajectory, has provided Mary Kay an opportunity to build on her prior winning milestones and achievements.  Her career goal is to produce and direct films, regularly exhibit her work on the gallery circuit, and capture the most creative underwater worlds ever known to the film and photography industry.  

Mary Kay has a strong identity as a single mom and provider for her family, and prides herself as being a fiercely strong independent woman, entrepreneur and business owner, who put herself through film and photography school. 

When you want beautifully surreal images for film or photography, and images that take an audience on a visually stunning journey, make Mary Kay your go-to resource … and get ready to be transformed!